Best Treatment For Healthy Hair And Skin


Many people prefer natural treatments and products when compared to the chemical ones. It is better to use natural DIY treatments to retain your natural beauty. Recently Salma Hayek published an article emphasizing the importance of Tepezcohuite for the overall beauty and health in

Tepezcohuite is a tree bark which is also called as mimosa tenuiflora. It is well known for anti-microbial and cell regenerative properties. You can find more of Tepezcohuite in places like Mexico, Columbia. Only the tree which is grown in Mexico has healing properties.

Tepezcohuite is known for skin regeneration to cure burns and other serious skin injuries and also regenerates scalp. It also aids in the regeneration of hair from the roots, stopping hair loss. It is loaded with flavonoids which have remarkable antioxidant functions which are helpful in maintaining smooth, healthy hair. These flavonoids help in decreasing the capillary permeability and helps in increasing resistance. The micronutrients like zinc, copper, iron play a vital role in cell protection.

Many products are incorporating Tepezcohuite in creams and balms. The skin care cream made of Tepezcohuite will make your skin smoother and healthier. If you have any burns or skin ailments, then Tepezcohuite will solve all your skin problems making your skin glow.
Some people, who have used Tepezcohuite, feel that their acne, fine lines, and wrinkles have been reduced after using it. It can also be used to treat psoriasis to reduce the after effects of herpes virus.

Tepezcohuite is available in all forms in herbal shops but make sure they are pure and all natural. The Tepezcohuite powder can be made into a paste for healthy skin and can be used as hair wash for a smoother, bouncy hair.

If you are looking for natural ways to get rid of acne, then mix equal proportions of clay and Tepezcohuite powder and mix it with water to make a paste.