Tips To Choose The Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete

The majority of the world’s population lives in urban areas. This means that they live in a concrete jungle. They walk on concrete roads or concrete flooring in their homes and offices. If you spend a lot of time standing or walking on any concrete platform, it would be worthwhile to invest in the right pair of shoes. If you are not using the best shoes for walking on concrete, you will end up with up sore feet in addition to damaging your soft cartilage and bones in your lower extremities. According to using the wrong shoes can lead to chronic back pain, foot and knee problems, varicose veins, osteoarthritis, swollen legs, neuromas, hammertoes and so on.

When a human being walks, the movement has been described to be similar to a double pendulum movement. As the first step is taken, the feet leave the ground, and the leg is swung from the hip as the person moves forward. In the second step, the heel hits the ground and the feet rolls to your toes. A force that is equivalent to 1.5 times the person’s body weight is said to be experienced by the feet while walking. This increases to around 2 to 2.9 times when the person is running. This force gets amplified even more if the walking or running is taking place on a concrete floor.

Since the motion and pressure of your feet differ while running and walking, there arises a requirement of different shoes for both these purposes. When you go shoe shopping, try to visit the stress at the end of the day, as your feet are widened due to the walking it endured throughout that day. As your feet size changes with age, it is always a good idea to get them measured each time you are purchasing shoes. The shoe should have an extra half inch gap from your big toe to be comfortably worn. Wearing socks while going shoe shopping helps to determine if there is enough wiggle room for your toes with no pinching occurring.

People having high arches benefit from choosing shoes with a high amount of cushioning as this provides enough support without damaging your delicate cartilage and bones in the lower extremities. A good pair of shoes would be flexible near the toe, allowing you to bend near the ball and not the in the middle as you bend your shoe. Lightweight shoes cause less stress on your feet and help get rid of back pain. Shoes that are waterproof have an added advantage of being usable even in rainy weather.

Some shoes that are used for walking on concrete come with a stretch material that does not buckle or cause irritation to the wearer. It also includes breathable mesh making it easier for your feet to breathe and remain fresh throughout the day. Shoes for concrete walking also offer gel cushioning at the feet to absorb the force each time the feet of the wearer it the ground, thereby protecting knees and joints from injury. There are plenty of shoes available in the market suitable for men and women which make walking on concrete seem like a walk in the park and are easy on the feet.